the story

since 1982

This is a simple story ... the story of a man who loved the sea.

A fisherman stood at the shore, his toes in the sand and a ray of light beautifully shining on his face. Intoxicated by the romance of the waves, he wrestled the sun and looked ahead .. My God, he was exhilarated by the sea. It was never lonely, never afraid and always so wisely superior. He had been fishing here his whole life ..

The sea had cast a spell on him. It had become his companion in long fishing days that turned into nights, his lover when he became lonely, his teacher when he sought a little wisdom. He swears he would often hear the waves say: “Don’t fight the sea, dance with it”

And so he did .. he became a storyteller, a believer, a traveller, a dreamer, a lover ...

He had been chasing happiness his whole life, only to find it in the depth of the water, the calmness of the shore and the majestic roar of the waves.

The sea of happiness had offered him a humble living; but Zakhia, being the man he is, found an opportunity for more ...

taste the myth
of the mediterranean

about us

one thousand
flavors in
one place

In the year 1984, Zahkia Moujahed opened his first restaurant “Al Jazira” on a small island 300 meters away from the coast of Byblos. The only means of transportation to this small piece of heaven was by boat and the people loved it. It was exclusive, delicious and out of this world. The menu contained about 3 appetizers and a list of fresh fish. Thus, a reputation of honesty was built. A few years later, the island was marked as public property and the restaurant had to be moved. Zakhia then decided to keep Al Jazira’s legacy going by opening up “Chez Zakhia” in Amchit, Lebanon right on the sea shore. Al Jazira left him with knowledge and memories and was set as a stepping stone to a now successful business.
Engraved in its culture, the sea is Zakhia’s forever companion and freshness and honesty in food would eternally be the priority.

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